12 Qualities Employers Look For When They’re Hiring


The funny thing about the recruiting process is that if you read job ads, you’d think that employers are strictly looking for people with very specific types of experience. That’s all you can see in a job ad — long lists of bullet points with Essential Requirements like years of experience with certain tools, and obscure industry certifications!

Once you get to a job interview, though, the whole picture changes. Employers are looking for qualities in their new hires that are never listed in the job ad. They want to meet people who are self-directed and responsible. You will bring out those qualities through your answers to the job-interview questions and also through the questions you ask your interview.

The stories you tell on a job interview will bring out your sterling qualities, too. You don’t have to talk about your best traits. They will shine through if you let them!

Here are 12 qualities employers look for in their new hires:

Employers want to hire people who…

Understand their own path

You have a path that you’ve followed since you were born. Can you tell your story in such a way that you make it clear how you’ve followed an interest or passion of yours to get to the place you stand in right now? Can you talk about your path going forward?

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